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Characteristics of the woman cured of loving too much:

  1. She accepts herself completely, even if she would like to change this and that. She cultivates and develops respect and kindness to herself
  2. She also accepts others as they are, without trying to change them according to her requirements
  3. She pays close attention to her feelings and behaviours relating to all aspects of life, including sexual sphere
  4. She cares about everything in herself: personality, appearance, beliefs and values, body, interests and achievements. She values herself, instead of seeking emotional relationships that would have given her a self-esteem
  5. She doesn't need to be needed by others to feel valuable. She doesn't rely on controlling over or changing others to feel secure
  6. She allows herself the openness and trust in relation to the people she knows she can confide in. She allows friends to know her well, but does not want to approach or get close to the people who are uninterested in her
  7. She asks herself a question: "Is this relationship good for me?". "Does it enable me to develop in myself everything that is worth developing?"
  8. If the relationship proves to be a mistake, she doesn't refrain from ending it. She has a group of friends and many interests, to help her overcome the crisis caused by relationship break up
  9. Above all, she appreciates her own peace of mind over being in turbulent or deeply unsatisfying relationship
  10. She is fully aware that the relationship between two people, to be successful, must be based on an agreement between the partners, sharing similar values, having similar interests and goals, and valuing mutual intimacy. She can walk away from a relationship that is abusive and confining

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You need not, in fact cannot, teach an acorn to grow into an oak tree, but when given a chance, its intrinsic potentialities will develop. Similarly, the human individual, given a chance, tends to develop his particular human potentialities.

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