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Talk therapy (psychotherapy)

Psychotherapy transforms the lives of many people with mental health problems. At the heart of talk therapy lies the Rogerian concept that "all that many of us need to deal with emotional distress is proper information and support". The modern scientific realization that various forms of talk therapy have the capacity to reshape brain pathways is exciting.

Each person in difficulty may require different combinations of talk and also drug therapy which will all act on brain neuron pathways in a process of change. These will all contributing to regaining quality of life and well-being.

Therapy also available via Skype >> More details <<<

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You need not, in fact cannot, teach an acorn to grow into an oak tree, but when given a chance, its intrinsic potentialities will develop. Similarly, the human individual, given a chance, tends to develop his particular human potentialities.

Karen Horney

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