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Psychological help for people treating infertility

Problems related to infertility, can be regarded as very stressful event, critical situation stressful or important life change, requiring adaptation process or as developmental crisis.

Crisis manifests itself in a way that adults who want to become parents cannot fulfil one of the deepest human needs associated with caring and nurturing for a child.

The inability of conception and birth of their child often is experienced as a crisis or increasing multiplied trauma affecting the quality of life, inability in realization one of the main developmental task in human life - parenthood.

Psychological help for couples treating infertility

Psychological support can mitigate the emotional burden of infertility and improve quality of life of a couple who is undergoing infertility treatment.

This treatment in itself can be very stressful impacting on everyday life, work, social relationships and emotional state.

Therapeutic methods, techniques and objectives should be adapted to both the careful diagnosis of the couples as well as their current needs and expectations and for psychological support.

The process of adaptation to this difficult for many people situation may be affected by the following factors: phase of treatment, cultural factors (what kind of attitudes the society they live in has to people who cannot have children), the duration of time in which they experience problems, living conditions, if infertility is primary or secondary, whether is curable or incurable.

The need for contact with a psychologist and a kind of psychological intervention required depends on the stage of treatment or stage of adaptation to infertility.

Effects of infertility on couples

In general, many partners are unable to talk openly with each other about the feelings that accompany experiencing infertility.

There are different strong and difficult emotions and feelings of helplessness, frustration, anger, grief. Some of the relationships can fall apart, when the tensions and lack of support becomes unbearable.

Many couples in which the partners, in the face of crisis, develop a mature relationship, mutual understanding and loving attitude can accept the limitations of each other and limitation of their relationship affected by lack of offspring. The crisis associated with infertility can unite and make their relationship stronger. Some couples at some stage make decision about adoption.

Recommendations for couples treating infertility

  • speak openly about the fact that you suffer from infertility,
  • try not to stay with this problem alone. It might be very isolating you from people,
  • do not be ashamed to tell people that you suffer from not being able to have your own children although you want so much to have children,
  • do not accuse each other for a problem. Infertility is a disease. Unite with each other in tackling the problem,
  • take care about your sexual relationship, not letting it to be completely subordinated to conceiving a child,
  • try not to organize your entire life around the treatment of infertility. Don't let it to become the content of your whole life, the only meaning of life. It's part of your life, but not whole life,

Remember that in many infertility can be treatable and curable with the help of methods and advances in modern medicine and NaproTechnology treatment has great success rate in currying this illness.

Correct treatment requires a proper diagnosis and careful, multifactorial treatment taking into account psychological factors.

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