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You are able to create your thinking and actions

Avoid blaming external situation for your bad mood. Nothing but you are able to create your thinking and actions.

Avoid blaming yourself for not having control over crisis situation, beyond your control. You are trying to do your best and you are on your way to regain strength.

Be aware when you playing a victim role. Learn how to recognize signals that show you when you are responsible for what is bad in your life.

Get to know your biggest enemy- internal voice foretelling everything worst. Learn how to talk to this voice, put forward counter-arguments arguing that it is not as bad as you see it. Unlearn pessimism and perceiving everything only in black colours.

Evaluate the benefits, which cause that you stand in place. This will help you understand why you are stuck in something. Paradoxically finding benefits that hold you back will help you to move forward.

Specify what you want in life and take action in this direction. Do not wait until someone will give it to you.

Build awareness that in every situation, which happens you, you have many possibilities to choose. Choose the path that let you live in harmony with yourself and other people and which develops you. You do not have to immediately rich your goal. To pursue it is just as important as achieving it.

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You need not, in fact cannot, teach an acorn to grow into an oak tree, but when given a chance, its intrinsic potentialities will develop. Similarly, the human individual, given a chance, tends to develop his particular human potentialities.

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